Based on insights we gain from asking these questions, we can inform your executives and help you understand your current performance level and the gap between that and an accurate measure of your full potential. We can then set specific goals and define initiatives to achieve them.

Once we have defined stretched, yet realistic targets, we work with you to craft the most effective way to deliver the value. We work hands-on and on-site with teams across all levels of the organization to ensure you capture the identified benefits, secure the savings, and build the internal capabilities to keep on improving performance long after our engagement ends.

Our Services

Business Performance Improvement

We start by identifying what the full potential of value creation is for your entire company and each business unit or function. Our strategic and cross-functional approach helps clients unlock value beyond cost-containment measures within a specific area of the organization by asking questions such as these:

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 Costs and Prices

  • How does your cost experience slope compare with that of your competitors?
  • What is the slope of price changes in your industry?
  • Which of your products or services are profitable, or not, and why?

 Competitive Position

  • What is your relative market share? 
  • How big is your market and how fast is it growing?
  • Is your profitability in line with your relative market share? 
  • Which capabilities create/reinforce your competitive advantages? 
  • What capabilities are you lagging on?

 Customers and Profit

  • Which are the biggest, fastest-growing and most profitable customer segments?
  • What is your customer retention by key segment?
  • What is your share of the competitive profit pools? How is that changing?


  • How complex are your business lines, products, organization and business processes, and what is all that costing?