By focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions, which we help to implement, we work to deliver enhanced value. We understand your reality. We align our incentives with your objectives. And, we are fully invested in your desired outcomes. 

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done with prior clients.  

​Strategic imperatives definition, planning, and transformation

Leading manufacturer of drugs and medical supplies

By working closely with the CEO and the divisional presidents of this firm, we helped this client formulate and execute a new corporate strategy. We also put in place the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and organizational structure to help ensure this company carried its financial strength and operating efficiency into the future.

Dominant player in the medical simulation industry 

We helped the parent company of this medical simulation firm build a new healthcare-related division from scratch and transition that division from a startup to a rapidly growing company. We did this by putting in place a new, dynamic management team and by redefining the company’s business strategy and commercialization plan.

Manufacturer of speed and motion sensors 

This client needed a new vision and a strategic plan, which we created. We also helped secure buy-in for a business plan to increase top-line sales in tandem with cost reduction, enabling what was previously an unprofitable firm to achieve continuous profitability. Additionally, we helped lift employee morale and re-focus the workforce on key deliverables.  

Research & Development

Woman’s-health-related medical device company 

After several years of inactive product innovation, this private-equity-owned company badly needed to re-energize its growth. That’s where we stepped in. We assisted this client in initiating and developing two new products. After launch, those products successfully repositioned the company as an innovator in neonatal care.

Publicly traded $22B medical equipment firm

We helped this client, a leader in the field of diagnostic imaging, develop multiple disruptive technologies. The result: a highly differentiated line of products that improved the company’s gross margin by over 100 percent and helped secure new market share from competitors.

Manufacturing operations cost transformation

$100M automotive industry supplier

This private-equity-owned division needed a restructuring. So we implemented a lean manufacturing approach to increase productivity and improve product quality. As a result of our efforts, the company was able to save $750K per year in labor costs by reducing its indirect workforce by 15 percent — with zero loss in service quality or product delivery.

Several medical equipment firms 

We worked closely with the client management teams of several firms to consolidate three operating sites into one. Our efforts resulted in a $1M to $3M in annual operating savings.

Supply chain

Private-equity-owned electronics manufacturer

We assisted this company’s procurement team, helping them implement a supplier productivity program. We were able to successfully reduce supplier costs by 10 percent over two years—and helped to develop Eastern European suppliers to reduce PCB costs by 30 percent.

$50M medical device company

We implemented a new corporate quality system for this client to address significant gaps in ISO 13485 compliance for supplier quality management, design control, and employee training. This resulted in a recertification of the quality system in 2016 by an outside auditor.

Leading medical equipment manufacturer

We helped this client improve product quality by establishing a more immediate and systematic approach of root cause analysis and corrective actions. The result: enhanced field reliability and first-place ratings in the MD Buyline customer satisfaction survey.

Marketing and brand strategy

Publicly traded $22B medical equipment firm

We helped this client protect its commanding 85 percent market share by repositioning its line of diagnostic imaging products around value-based care. We did this by creating a new theme and a more meaningful framework for the group’s leading technologies. Now a competitor is copying our message, naming, and user interface strategies nearly verbatim.

$4B semiconductor manufacturer

We helped increase profitability for this semiconductor manufacturer by changing perceptions around its audio enrichment software from a component of larger systems to one with stand-alone value. The name of the software (LifeVibes) and its extensions have endured since 2003, and those products have been integrated into more than 8 billion audio and video devices.

Digital marketing

Private equity-owned medical device company

To increase brand awareness and preference among healthcare professionals and consumers, particularly millennials, we assisted this client in executing a new digital marketing campaign based on relationship building and trust. Our efforts resulted in a higher rate of order acquisition. 

Publicly traded $22B medical equipment firm 

We developed a launch strategy for this client’s new line of advanced computer tomography (CT) systems, which created cumulative value across new hardware, software, and services. As a result, this medical equipment firm moved virtually overnight from a company that purchased second-tier CT systems and re-branded them to a CT powerhouse.    

For this same company, we also created a clear and understandable market differentiator in a highly competitive environment by launching a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. The framework and messaging has stood the test of time—more than eight years. 


Private equity owned medical device company

We helped this client restructure its U.S. sales organization into a regional management model to enhance accountability and productivity. We also mentored and motivated the client’s sales force. The result: a 22 percent year-over-year increase in institutional sales per representative.

$200M manufacturer of security systems equipment

Increasing revenue was a key goal for this client. So we expanded distribution channels in Asia and Europe, securing market shares of 70 percent in Asia, 50 percent in North America, and a 40 percent in Europe over main competitors, including General Electric.

Mergers and acquisitions

Medical equipment startup

Growth by acquisition comes with its own set of challenges. We identified, acquired, and fully integrated five acquisitions to help this client grow its business 264 percent in 2011. Those acquisitions positioned this firm as a global leader in the medical simulation education market.

Leading medical equipment manufacturer

This client, with its 302 employees, needed to increase its workforce productivity, so we helped them institute quarterly goals and objectives for each employee, tying those goals to the company’s business strategy. We also helped management conduct regular, accurate assessments of employee performance.​​