Palomar Growth Management Partners is a management consulting firm that specializes in improving profitability and shareholder value by accelerating sustainable operational and financial improvement programs.

The dynamics are clear 

We understand: The faster your business returns to profitable growth, the sooner you can achieve your value creation goal and see a return on investment. 

Beyond cost-cutting to market optimization

Smart investment and improvement in areas like product portfolio pruning, new product development, marketing, and sales team effectiveness can provide an attractive complement to cost cutting measures, while still allowing you to maintain the proper time frame for your exit or integration plan.  


Blending change management with operations management 

​Company leadership is the main determinant of success. When you choose people with combined change and operations management skills, who can apply those skills in a swat-team-like fashion, you reach your goals faster.  

On site. On target. 

We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty by making things happen while working on site. In fact, we see it as an imperative to achieving the end goal. The real work needs to get done, and that means immersion.  

Expertise plus experience equals investment security 

We are well suited for the challenge. Each partner in our firm has at least 25+ years of experience in roles that involve elements of both change and operations, particularly as it applies to market optimization, across a variety of companies and situations.

Our configurable teams of best-in-class experts with experience in the Medical Device, Consumer Health and Wellness and Industrial Equipment Industries deliver disproportionate value in service compared with dedicated consulting firms that advise but do not implement.

Comprised of seasoned operating executives, our firm often works right on site, taking ownership of implementation as well as consultancy activities to deliver results without hiring permanent employees.